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Following up on the latest trends? Why not go vintage this time with the latest antique jewellery collection of Zewar khan. Fashion nowadays is integrating an aesthetic sense to it. A combination of two wholly different cultures, periods, and a mix of classic and trendy fashions is where modern fashion is trying to progress.

Today's most in-demand and top trending fashion is a gorgeous combination of tradition and modernity. In addition to that, a multidimensional insight to carry the antique, as well as the latest trends, has upgraded the track of designers.

Zewar khan assembles beautiful vintage jewellery for you to make your lifestyle a bit more aesthetic. This unique assemblage of jewelry connects back to the ancient jewels, polished, renovated, and presented in a novel way to add extra grace to their worth.

The collection comprises almost all categories of jewellery pieces including necklaces, anklets, rings, studs, hairclips, and a wide range of other kinds of vintage jewellery articles. This antique jewellery is beautifully adorned with precious gems and pearls to provide them with a traditional impression. This classic jewelry is prepared using valued metal, emerald pearls, diamond, ruby, and other semi-precious colored ornaments. You have got a wide variety to choose not for your everyday wear but your events as well. 

Here you go with a detailed catalog of the entire antique jewellery at Zewar Khan.


Anklets are beautiful ornaments worn on feet. Zewar Khan brings you to very unique anklet designs crafted to satisfy your fashion sense. These flexible anklets look aesthetic when paired with the trendy modern attires. You can also choose the color of stones in your anklets and order them the way you like. The vintage Afghani silver anklet is a stunning addition to your jewelry box. Have a look at this antique jewellery and grab what you adore!

Choker Sets

The exquisite choker necklaces are embellished with attractive little stones that sweeten their charm. The quality of the metal is retained to guarantee the most elevated quality of antique jewelry pieces. Check out the latest designs of magnificent choker necklace sets and pick one for your events.

The chokers are adorned with attractive stones to add color to the aesthetic pieces. You can pair them up with your wedding dresses or go along with a decent choker with formal clothes. There is a huge diversity of designs including floral, bohemian, double coin, shells, motifs, and a lot more. Not only this, but you can also buy matching vintage earrings with your chokers. 

In addition to that, there is a wide range of oversized chokers and traditional mala sets. Malas are designed for formal and informal events such as weddings or evening functions etc. If you are trying something different for your wedding functions, try out the exquisite traditional oversized choker sets. What are you waiting for? Just go and grab the matchless Afghani piece you love before it gets out of stock.

Antique Rings

Rings form a significant part of jewelry. A decent ring can light up your entire look and make you more confident with your looks. Zewar Khan presents a voluminous collection of Afghani antique rings. These vintage jewelry pieces are decorated with precious stones and carved beautifully to enhance their looks. Check out the gold star-ring, gold ghungroo ring, old coin ring, jhumar ring, bohemian afghan ring, and other vintage rings to treat yourself.

The bird ring has a very unusual design which will make you stand out at any event. Bow and pearl ring is also a celebrated article. The metal quality is long-lasting and at the least risk of corrosion. Explore the antique jewellery collection by Zewar khan because you are surely going to fall for it.


Hey, have you tried those extraordinary traditional Indian studs? Hold on for a minute and check out the amazing vintage studs and earrings designed to meet the fashion demands of almost every era. Lapis afghan gold studs are also available at very affordable prices.

If you are fond of earrings instead of studs, there is a piece of good news for you. We bring you to an entirely unexplored collection of vintage earrings as well. If not anything else, just buy yourself casual attire and a pair of earrings from antique jewellery and here you go!

Here are the most famous and in-demand vintage earring designs by Zewar Khan.

  • Tincture oversize earrings
  • Mirror earrings
  • Teen phool Afghani rings
  • Bohemian Afghani earrings
  • Ghungroo earrings
  • Afghani oversized earrings
  • Star earrings
  • Jhumke
  • Bow and pearls earrings
  • Afghan and Indian jhumke

Buy your pair of antique earrings or studs to look presentable and stunning both at casual and formal gatherings. Because a trendsetter is always the center of attention among ladies.

Vintage Hairclips

Hair is the beauty of every lady. Women adorn their hair with captivating jewelry pieces and clips. These vintage hair clips will not only hold your hair neatly in place but also make them presentable. They are made up of high-quality metal and decorated with colorful stones. Now you don't have to worry about hairstyles. Choose your favorite vintage hair clip and enjoy!

Get Your Antique Jewellery Now!

Now is the time to decide your favorite vintage jewellery and get in on your doorstep. Because Zewar khan promises to deliver the best quality products to its customers. We guarantee the metal quality. It is rust free and the color won't fade out for years. The stones are placed with strong adhesives which makes them intact and gives a finished look to them.

 Whether you are planning for a tea party or a night out with pals, a college trip or an office tour, a formal event, or a family function, you are all set to go out with this antique jewellery. So no need to waste time. Get your hands on the unusual stock displayed on our page. We would love to amaze you with precious ornamental jewellery. Contact us for further queries and place your order now.