Out of all the accessories and jewelry pieces, women love to wear rings. Rings are an essential part of your jewelry collection because they make your hands and your outfit more classy and elegant. When your face looks so adorable with high-quality makeup and skincare why not give a treat to your hands as well? Because your hands must synchronize with your personality. Rings make your hands look pretty and fantastic. They give an aesthetic enhancement to your final look and add complement your attire. Due to their fashion significance, rings have become an essential fashion accessory.

In addition to fashion and styling, rings also exhibit cultural and symbolic meanings. For instance, they can be used as a sign of a relationship such as engagement, nikkah, or a sweet memory. Wedding rings hold special significance in our lives. Not only this but as a part of traditions, family rings are often passed to the next generations as heirlooms. They signify familial integrity and connection. Moreover, Pakistani people also wear rings according to their religious beliefs and norms.

Besides all these things, you need to add some festive rings to your collection as they are a must thing when it comes to attending formal and informal functions. All these things have enhanced the importance of this accessory. But what if your ring doesn’t fit in well? It may ruin your day if it is too tight as it won’t come off afterwards and may lead to blockage of blood. Or what if it is too loose that it may easily fall off your finger and you can’t even notice that you lost your precious and beloved ring?

How to Measure Ring Size?

However, before you buy your ring, the most important thing is to know the size of your ring. Because if you don’t know the exact size of your ring, you might end up getting the wrong size that either is too loose or too tight to wear. Your rig must be comfortable on your finger. If you don’t know the size of your ring and you want to order your rings online, the best thing is to either measure the size of your ring or get adjustable rings. Here is a complete guide on how to measure ring size. Have a look at all these steps carefully and measure your ring size at home without any difficulty.

1- Use a Standard Size Chart for Rings

The first step to measure your ring size is to get a ring sizing chart. This chart contains all the standard ring sizes and you can easily access it on the Internet. You can also get a ring sizing chart from your jeweler if you can’t find any online. Don’t forget to make sure that you get the size chart of your own country because multiple size charts are used in different parts of the world. This will help you to get a good start. So, once you get your correct size chart you are good to go to the next step.

2- Measure with the Help of a String, Thread, or Paper

The second step is to take a string or regular thread that is non-stretchable and non-elastic. If you don’t have a thread or a piece of string you can take a piece of paper and cut it into a strip. Wrap it around your finger neatly at the base of your finger. It should neither be loose nor too tight so that your ring can be a comfortable fit on your finger. Mark the point of junction i.e. where the string or the strip of paper overlaps and then unwrap it carefully without tearing it.

3- Measure the Length of the String

The next step is to measure the length of the paper or string with the help of a ruler. You can also use a measuring tape in place of a ruler. You have to measure the length from the starting point of the strip to the end where you marked it with the pen. This will give you the measurement of the circumference of your ring.

4- Match with the Size Chart

Now you have to get back to your size chart and compare your measurement with the readings on it. Check out the corresponding ring size with your measurement and note it down. This is the size of your ring.

5- Check the Design

The pro tip to buying a ring is to first check the size of your ring and the design. Some designs may require slight size adjustments. For instance, if you are buying a wider band, it may slightly be tight for your finger and you may need to buy a larger size as compared to the narrow bands. However, if you are somebody whose finger doesn’t have an exact size and your size falls in between any two, the best possible thing is to buy a larger size for a good fit. Follow all the steps correctly and you will find the perfect size for your ring.

6- Get Professional Assistance

Last but not least is to seek professional help. If you are not satisfied with measuring your ring’s exact ring size, you can visit a jeweler and get your ring size in seconds. They use multiple tools to measure accurate ring sizes that will end up to your satisfaction.

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