Among all other jewelry pieces, the essence of wearing bangles can never be denied. They are not just a fashionable accessory but also they are a sign of traditions and elegance. They elevate the feminine look of a girl. These appealing jewelry brand pieces make her look more adorable and self-loved. These accessories have been known for ages to adorn the wrists of women in every culture and place. However, in the subcontinent, they have earned a special place in the lives of women. That is why you often hear our poets praising the beauty of bangles and the race they impart to the wrist of women, in their poetry and songs.

Where did Bangles come from?

Their history dates back to the old civilizations when they were carried as a symbol of status, power, and nobility. Women also used to wear bangles to show that they are married. They were thought to be a weapon against warding off evils and a sign of luck. However, all these myths have been negated and now these accessories are considered as a sign of femininity and grace.  From pretty glass bangles to glaring gold ones, they have secured a permanent place in our culture as well as in our hearts. Their cultural significance has made them way more significant and a must-have. They are an essential part of traditional attires in South Asian areas. In addition to this, they are worn on festive occasions such as weddings.

The designing of these bangles is not an easy process. It is a painstaking procedure that requires intense care, hard work, and attention. They are synthesized at high temperatures where they are molded into their shapes. Our skilled artisans work at such high temperatures risking their lives to bring these pretty accessories for you. These bangles are polished after giving them a suitable size and shape.

Popular types of Bangles in Pakistan

Just like all other types of jewelry products, bangles come in different designs. There are an array of material that are used to craft bangle designs. These materials are used to create unique designs that adore your wrists. Here are the top designs of bangles that are most popular in the market and easily accessible.

1- Glass Bangles

Glass bangles are the most common types of jewelry pieces that you see in the market. These are the most affordable and cheap designs that are available in the market in almost every color. From plain to multicolored designs, you can get your glass bangles easily. Check out the vibrant colors of these accessories to compliment your energized persona. The movement of these jewelry pieces on your wrists creates a melodious sound that is soothing to hear. These bangles are worn in stacks of one, two, or three dozen depending upon your personal preference.

2- Metal bangles

The second design is metallic bangles. These are comparatively more expensive than the glass ones but are pocket friendly. Metals such as brass and silver are molded into these versatile jewelry pieces. These are also available in all colors. The metal is polished with good-quality paint that is durable. These accessories are not easily broken however they may get de-shaped if not handled or stored properly. One of the most amazing types is the Afghan bangles. These ethnic designs are deconstructed from Afghan jewelry. Premium quality metal is used to craft their original designs. These accessories are the most popular designs after gold bangles. They are used at weddings and fashion shows. These antique designs give a statement look and enhance cultural significance.

3- Enamel bangles

Enamel bangles are another option that brings style and variation with them. They are crafted using different painting and engraving techniques. They feature artistic designs and patterns. These are often adorned with pretty embellishments such as beads, motifs, and laces. Ribbons and mirrors are used to decorate them. You can find a huge variety of bangle sets that are made of a mix and match of enamel and glass designs. These sets are designed for festive occasions such as weddings and Eid. These are the most desired and sought artificial designs in Pakistan. These are a part of bridal jewelry as well. Check out the latest designs of artificial bangles at Zewar Khan.

4- Gold bangles

Gold bangles are commonly used in every country. They are a symbol of status and elegance. They are very expensive compared to other designs. These are designed with different techniques such as filigree and enamel work. Precious and semi-precious stones are engraved into these designs to make them look colorful and versatile. These types of designs are used as an ancestral symbol of nobility that is passed through generations. The most captivating designs of gold are available at popular jewelers in Pakistan. You can get them customized as well. Just explore the latest designs on the internet and get in touch with a reliable jeweler to get your designs ready.

5- Wood bangles

Wood bangles are not very common. They are made of wood and shaped into different designs. These jewelry pieces are adorned with the use of ribbons laces, beads, and other embellishments. They impart an earthy and bohemian vibe. The bangles are handcrafted and require a lot of time and skills. Their final look makes them an essential part of our bangle collection. They look best in both Eastern and Western dresses.

Get your Bangles Online

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