Have you ever witnessed the enchanting world of Pakistani festivals? If not, you are missing out on the charming display of traditions and cultures. Pakistani weddings are a captivating blend of traditions and love that intertwine smoothly in a matchless display of stunning wedding attires, cultural practices, colorful events, and exquisite jewelry. The evolution of Pakistani wedding jewelry over time has brought us into a realm of endless options that can become a part of our special events and add glamour to them.

For instance, the opulence of the past hypnotizes us with traditional wedding jewelry that fulfills our aesthetic as well as cultural needs. And the allure of the present has left us in a never-ending world of contemporary wedding jewelry that never fails to leave an everlasting impression. Not only this, you are taken into another world of jewelry where culture meets modern innovation.

Traditional Pakistani Wedding Jewelry

Every piece of traditional Pakistani wedding jewelry tells us a tale of timeless glamour, endless celebrations, and mutual love. This jewelry is deeply rooted in the rich culture of Pakistan. It is influenced by the traditions of different regions of Pakistan. In addition to this, it showcases Punjabi, Saraiki, Sindhi, Kashmiri, Balochi, Pathan, and Kalam cultures. It incorporates deep styling and meticulous craftsmanship. Traditional wedding jewelry options include colorful designs and motifs that match your wedding outfits. Let us look into the most popular designs of this type of jewelry.

1- Rani Haar

Rani haar is also known as the Queen’s Necklace and holds a significant part of the wedding jewelry in Pakistan. It is a long majestic necklace with a traditional handcrafted design. Its tradition dates back to the Mughal era when gold rani haar used to be a symbol of nobility and status among the ladies of royal families. It is typically made of gold but is also available in artificial jewelry designs. It incorporates different types of precious and semi-precious stones such as diamond and gemstones.

As a symbol of grandeur, it is often passed down to the family as a heirloom. These days traditional rani haar has taken a shape of artificial mala sets that comprise chokers, mala, and matching jewelry pieces. Multilayered mala is the most beloved part of these sets. Check out the exciting collection of oversized chokers and traditional mala sets online at zewar khan,

2- Hath Phool

Hath phool is a bracelet that covers the back of your hand gracefully. It extends from the wrist to the back of your hand where it meets the central motif. The central motif is further connected with the rings. Depending on the type of design, hath phool can add a unique touch to your wedding jewelry, unlike other types of bracelets. This traditional piece is adorned with gemstones and colorful designs through the use of different techniques. It is most crafted by hand.

3- Matha Patti

Matha Patti is another ethnic piece of jewelry that you see at Pakistani weddings. This type of jewelry piece covers the frontal head and forehead part giving full coverage. It is an aesthetic variation from ordinary tikka designs. There are multiple options of traditional matha patti that you can adore at a Pakistani wedding. For brides, instead of the tikka and jhumar set, the matha patti serves to be more fashionable and graceful. For the latest designs of Matha Patti, visit zewar khan now.

4- Nath

Nath is a traditional nose piece that highlights the features of the bride and gives her a perfect face shape. It is mostly a circular large nose ring that is supported by multiple layers of strings of beads that are clipped into your hair at the other end. Most of the wedding jewelry sets in Pakistan come with embellished nath designs in different colors.

5- Jhumka and Bangles

There is no Pakistani wedding that goes with some stacks of stylish bangles and ethnic jhumka earrings. Pakistani love to adore both these not only at their wedding but also at other festive occasions. You can check out the latest designs of bangles and jhumkas at zewar khan to wear at your weddings.

Contemporary Wedding Jewelry in Pakistan

These days, Pakistani are into a new trend of contemporary jewelry that brings unique and innovative designs according to their needs. Various techniques are used to create these designs from the core. Minimalistic designs that feature floral and geometric patterns are the most favored designs of contemporary wedding jewelry in Pakistan. Among the top trending contemporary jewelry trends, these are the most looked into.

1- Stacked rings

The most popular trends include stacked rings. Brides love to wear multiple rings on each finger and their hands are all adorned with sparkling rings. These rings are designed from different metals and incorporate gemstones, and colored designs. These rings come in stacks or packs comprising twelve to twenty rings.

2- Statement necklace

Instead of the culturally rich chokers and mala sets, some brides go for sleek and graceful designs of statement necklaces. These are designed from pearls, beads, and stones. Diamond necklaces are a symbol of status in Pakistan. They are the focal point of bridal jewelry and grab the attention at first glance. Most of the brides love to wear sparkling silver or golden statement necklaces that highlight their dress way more.

3- Customized jewelry

Customized wedding jewelry includes different designs of wedding jewelry sets that are created to the demands of customers. It also includes jewelry pieces that incorporate names, pictures, and symbols. This gives brides a chance to showcase their style and choices. Customized jewelry can also be a good option if you want to mix and match your jewelry into something different.

4- Fusion bracelets and mang tikkas

Apart from the bangles, Pakistani wedding jewelry also comprises stylish designs of bracelets. Brides often select minimalistic silver and golden designs of bracelets that showcase their personal preferences. In addition to this, mang tikka is also turned into unique minimalistic designs.