What is special about Afghan jewellery?

Afghan jewellery has made its mark among all other types of jewellery and it is gaining popularity at an exponential rate. Novel designs are being introduced every now and then. Major categories of this vintage jewellery include the Afghani necklace, Afghani earrings, Afghani choker, Afghani jhumke and full afghan jewellery sets.

Ladies are seen rushing to update their wardrobes with the latest fashionable design of dresses and shoes. Lead only those who pay attention to the accessories as well. You must have heard about the afghan jewellery these days if you are fond of antique jewellery. Let’s take a quick overview of the present trend of antique jewellery that is based on afghan traditions.

Unique designs of Afghan jewellery

Culture and traditions in fashion always add an extra amount of nobility to fashion. Afghan jewellery is the new craze these days for the fashion freaks. Zewar khan has also launched multiple varieties of vintage jewellery and you can easily buy this jewellery in Pakistan. Here is a detailed catalogue of the latest designs of afghan jewellery that you can buy online in Pakistan at zewarkhan.com

The incredible Afghani Necklace

There is a diverse collection of bohemian mala and vintage afghan chokers that you can explore. Zewar khan brings you to unique designs of chokers. The antique nature of jewellery makes it long-lasting. The metal is polished neatly to make it rust-free. Colourful motifs adorn the mala sets. There are some mala sets made up of seashells, others are embellished with afghan motifs. The special coin-shaped motifs form a significant part of this assemblage.

If you are looking for something colourful, go for the star-shaped choker sets. If you are a fan of golden jewellery, go with gold statement necklaces. If silver attracts you, pick an antique silver choker. The dazzling collection of chokers and Mala sets will confuse you to the extent that you will crave for almost every design.

Vintage Afghan Necklace

Vintage Afghani Earrings

Earrings decide an important part of the overall impression of your persona. Zewar khan introduces you to a beautiful collection of Afghani earrings. This assemblage is based on the different types of studs and earrings. The most famous of them are Afghani jhumke and studs. Colorful pieces as well as metallic motifs are used to adorn these pieces of afghan jewellery. Go ahead and buy yourself a treat this season.

Vintage Afghan Earrings

Where to buy Afghan Jewellery in Pakistan?

If you are wondering where to get these amazing afghan jewellery sets, your answer is zewarkhan.com. Yes, now you don’t have to spend your energies and money in search of the exact piece of vintage afghan jewellery in Pakistan. Because Zewar khan has displayed a complete catalog of antique jewellery that originates back to Afghanistan.

The catalog comprises individual pieces of jewellery as well as full sets comprising mala, choker, earrings and rings etc. In addition to this, the traditional afghan headpieces also form a part of the collection. Check out which piece is going to be part of your updated wardrobe and order your afghan jewellery online.