Mehndi is regarded as the most colorful function of a Pakistani wedding and so are its demands. It features colorful dresses, lots of mehndi, delicious sweets, regional wedding music, and jewelry. This pre-wedding celebration is a manifestation of cultural trends and festivity. Mehndi jewelry is all about funky and appealing colors, intricate designs, and a fusion of regional heritage and contemporary essence.

Mehndi jewelry incorporates the use of trendy motifs. Artificial jewelry is mainly used for this function. However, some brides love to adore jewelry made of fresh flowers such as roses. In addition to colorful jewelry, metallic mehndi jewelry is also a popular choice. Metallic designs that feature traditional themes are used in copper or silver colors. These designs feature a whole regional theme that gives a unique mehndi look to the bride.

The best thing about mehndi jewelry is that you don’t have to waste much energy on matching. Because this event demands colorful jewelry, you can pick a multicolored set and o with it. Even if you are a bride, a perfectly designed multicolored jewelry set is good to pair up with your mehndi dress. Other options for mehndi jewelry include artificial flower jewelry. You can adore fresh flower jewelry in white, red, and yellow colors. They complement well with all colors of your dress. So just select your mehndi outfit, pair it with an embroidered khussa, and match your dress with some pretty designs of the latest mehndi jewelry.

You can check out the latest designs of wedding jewelry at Zewar Khan. All these designs are crafted with had and require meticulous hard work. The quality is matchless because the metal won’t rust out with one or two uses. Premium quality enamel and polish are used to give it a final finish. The catalog comprises all types of mehndi jewelry starting from contemporary to traditional designs. Don’t forget to have a look at the ethnic Afghan jewelry designs that include chokers, mala sets, rings, matha patti, mang tikka, bracelets, handcuffs, and other types of jewelry.  You can place your order online and get your jewelry at your doorstep.

Top Pakistani Mehndi Jewelry Picks

Although there are different regional wedding practices in different areas of Pakistan the traditions have somehow originated from the same core concepts. Over time they have taken the shapes of choices of different regions and introduced us to multiple options that showcase our cultural heritage. Mehndi jewelry in Pakistan includes a huge variety of trends that range from colorful and interesting designs to aesthetic and ethnic metallic ones. Depending upon your personal preference and the theme of your function, you can style these designs the way you like. Here are the top picks from the mehndi jewelry that is adorned by brides on their pre-wedding celebrations. Check these out before you look into jewelry to wear at your special event.

1- Fresh Flower Jewelry

Fresh flower jewelry in Pakistan is a popular trend that enhances the beauty of the bride. They add a freshness to her overall look. The choice of flowers and colors can be chosen according to your personal preference and the colors of your mehndi dress. Fresh flower jewelry includes headpieces, earrings, bangles necklaces, and other types of jewelry pieces. If you are not fond of metallic jewelry, you can go for these types of jewelry. These designs are customized and bought on the mehndi day so that the flowers don’t get stale and rotten.

2- Colorful Bangles

No Mehndi function is complete without those colorful glass bangles. According to traditional practice, the groom’s family sends dozens of stacks of bangles and mehndi cones to the bride at the mehndi event. These colorful bangles are sent for the bride and bride mates. Most of these bangles are made of glass and metal while the bridal sets are embellished. These bangles come in a variety of different colors and enamel work is used to add colors to the metallic pattern on them.

Due to the demands of this function, brides adore matching colorful bangles. There are a lot of tassels that hang on these bangles and make them stand out among other pieces of jewelry. Mehndi bangles look prettier if combined with fresh flower bracelets. For the latest designs of traditional and contemporary bangles, check out Zewar Khan. The catalog comprises unique designs of metallic bangles that are a perfect choice to wear at the mehndi function.

3- Anklets

Anklets are a royal fashion yet not so common. Girls love to adore the pretty and minimalistic designs of anklets. However, there are a great number of choices available online as well as in stores that will amaze you instantly. Zewar Khan presents a wide range of anklet designs that feature colorful beads, bells, and dangling charms. They are typically adorned on both ankles and are adjustable. You can either wear one or two anklets of your choice at your mehndi function.

4- Mang Tikka or Matha Patti

Mang tikka is a centuries-old tradition that never gets out of fashion. Mang tikka for mehndi function is most designed with enamel work and is lightweight. The colorful tikka is adorned with artificial flowers sometimes and tassels are a playful addition to it. Matha patti is a beautiful and aesthetic variation of headpiece jewelry. Matha Patti gives a defined shape to the facial features of the bride. Traditional matha patti is designed with metallic tassels and multi-colored motifs. You can also add a cap to give a complete cultural look to your dress.

5- Floral Haath Phool

Floral hath pool is a timeless fashion that showcases the culture of Pakistan. It extends from your writs to your fingers. A pretty bracelet is attached to multiple rings in the form of a network that gives full coverage to your hand. For Mehndi, lightweight haath phool with multicolored shades is a perfect choice. Check out zewar khan for the latest designs of contemporary and traditional jewelry online and shop now.